Roll On – Roll Off

We are able to ship RoRo (roll on – roll off) transport on our different vessels. Ro-Ro allows a cargo unit to roll on and off our vessels, as opposed to being lifted onboard using cranes. Loading and discharge is done via the wide stern ramp with capacities up to 300 tons.

Transporting your valuable cargo the Ro-Ro way is more secure and efficient as less lifting is required. Hartman Seatrade designed there ships so that cargo can be driven straight onto the cargo hold floor, the tween decks and weather deck.

Types of Roro transport

Common RoRo items Hartman Seatrade transports are:

  • cranes
  • transformers
  • large trucks
  • wind turbine parts
  • army equipment

Ofcourse we can transport many more types of roro cargo. Combined with the Open-top option which our vessels are capable of, the height of your equipment can practically be unlimited.

Our RORo vessels

Hartman Seatrade is shipping worldwide with 4 Ro-Ro vessels in our fleet:
Western Rock: 3450 DWAT
Eastern Rock
: 3450 DWAT
Southern Rock
: 4500 DWAT
Polar Rock: 4500 DWAT

Roro transport crane
Roro ramp
Hammer shipping
Roro transport crane
Roro truck transport
Roro transport windturbe parts